Inner Circle Class of 2018

inner circle

mentoring group

class of 2018

There was a certain beauty to this class as no other I have taught. 

Primarily, it gave a chance for a unique educational experience to those who might find it logistically impossible to come to one of my in person workshops in the Caribbean or Outer Banks or Bangkok. Yes travel, and getting off work, and raising a family, can make an in person class not so feasible..

Yet it is results I care about, so please take a look. See clearly this demographic. I could tell you about it here, yet I want you to go right now to all of these pages, see for yourself the wide variety and styles of the photographers, and this eclectic kaleidescope of location, jobs, family responsibility, artistic needs et al.

Everybody represented here absolutely went to a level up from where they were. That is my only mission. To take those I mentor to another playing field, yet not forget from whence they came. An additive process. 

I am proud of them now, yet there is one thing all of them know. It is never over. I will always pay close attention to major works they may do. Totally looking forward. 

Michelle and I bonded with this bunch. Good people all. Never met most of them in person, and we may never meet, yet tears at the end. Happy sad. Onward.....


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