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I have lived and studied in Australia for almost three years. I was like a blank sheet of paper when I first arrived, and day by day that paper has gotten “DIRTY." I have learned good and bad- all kinds of things you can imagine. Becoming friends with people who were once strangers, those who have gone through all kinds of shit with me on this terrific journey, has been one of the most amazing things to me. Since I recognized the friendship power of such experience, I decided to document my life with my roommates. In one second, people can see us chasing girls, partying and having fun, but, in the next second, we are totally trying to figure out what we are going to do next? We can’t stop asking ourselves “WHAT’s NEXT?” What will we make in our lives? And sometimes we get stuck trying to find the answer. This project will shed light on the intimate moments that we share as strangers in a strange country, away from our birthplaces, trying to find our way to “WHAT’s NEXT?”


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Dat Vinh Tran Pham is a 21 years old documentary photographer, born in Saigon, Vietnam. Dat actively began his pursuit of a photography career three years ago when he realised photojournalism/documentary photography is his passion.

To pursue his dream to become a professional photojournalism/documentary photographer he finished his Diploma in Creative Industries in 2017 and has started studying Media & Communication at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. During his study in Australia, he has been doing a documentary project about his life with his friends as he works toward making a book called “WHAT’s NEXT?”

Dat has huge enthusiasm and curiosity about human beings and how they live their lives, switching forward and backward between being self-obsessed and self-reflecting. In his work, he attempts to place his own photographic narrative of strong personal emotional influences and an acute approach to perspectives and angles to tell stories.


IG: @datvinhtran