Bob Newman


Bob Newman

In my evolution as a documentary photographer, I have learned about the importance of the individual leading a tour/trip. I sought to join David Alan Harvey’s Puerto Rico workshop because of his reputation as an excellent photographer and master teacher. Shortly before the workshop began, we learned that Bill Marr would co-lead. Bill’s personality and breadth of experience from his time with National Geographic provided the perfect complement for David.

I was told that it would be an “intense” workshop. It was. We were pressed to make creative images and to think about photography. David has a unique ability to focus on an individual’s work & thought process, understand where they are, and effectively explore future direction. He motivates and pushes—constructively & relentlessly.

The group sessions lasted 4-6 hours. Time was set aside for a review of everyone’s past work. There was much discussion about philosophy, making pictures to hang on the wall and about designing/creating books & zines. I learned that actually making a print and having a book to hold in your hands are of exceptional importance.

San Juan was new to me and offered many photographic venues. Equally as important was the opportunity to interact with the other participants. The group discussions, differing views, guest speakers, and the guidance provided by David and Bill provided much food for thought. The workshop pushed me to explore and focus on the next steps in my photographic life.

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