Lars Borges


Lars Borges

This series focuses on the neighborhood of Santurce, the most populated district of San Juan and actually all Puerto Rico. Even though one can see gentrification rising, it is still considered the “Real Puerto Rico” by many of the locals I talked to.

David is not only a world class photographer, but also a generous man willing to share all of his experience, knowledge and personality. He sees through you and helps you to take your next important personal step without forcing any direction on you.

The workshop can be challenging; none of us slept or ate very well. Most students had a crisis and took some hits in between, but we surely all leave the workshop as better photographers, with a bunch of new friends and smiles on our faces. David helped me personally to see and trust my kind of beauty and subject matter – I’ll be forever thankful for this. That is a big step up for any photographer!

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