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BOOK publishing WORKSHOp

with David Alan Harvey

and the burn magazine team

miami, 2019



When: February 27 - 28, 2019
Publishing, Designing and Conceptualizing your book
10 student limit
$ 750

  • Every student is expected to bring a complete body of work or a book dummy.  (maximum selection: 30 pictures on a theme)
    *Personal travel expenses, lodging and meals are not included.*


The Burn book making team will do a two day book making/publishing class. A rare opportunity that the team is in the same place same time. You will meet coming from Italy @diegorlando our picture editor at Burn and @valeria_semenzato who designed Maria’s book and that of @michaelweintrobwho will also be on hand with his phenomenal success “InstrumentHead” ....this clearly will be a good old fashioned spontaneous one of a kind book making jam ...maybe not one to miss. I cdnt put this together if I tried. Timing, timing, and timing 

After PR I join @mariadanielbalcazar and the whole BurnBooks design and publishing team in Miami where Maria launches officially “Kilombo” during @miamiphotofest.





February 17-23, 2019

David with his class in Old San Juan on the last morning of the workshop.

Click below to see work from this year’s inspiring class here:

This is a week long, personal mentoring workshop


When: February 17 - 23, 2019
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Personal Mentoring - Photographicaguil Voice, Shoot, Edit, Books, Career Development
10 student limit
$ 3,400
*Personal travel expenses, lodging and meals are not included.*


I can’t wait to get back to Puerto Rico to photograph.  All of my workshops are built around projects I’m working on. To your advantage. How does it help you if I am shooting too? If I am myself not producing I cannot mentor others to do so. I am not a pro teacher. I am a working pro photographer who knows how to get others fired up to do their best. 

Making great work is all about energy. I take mentoring  photographers seriously. Just as seriously as I take my own work. So I like to be in a place where I’m fired up. Puerto Rico is such a place . If I am excited about a place and really feeling it, then that energy will rub off on you. 

My daily morning critiques and assignments will only be about what you are shooting and are geared to take you to your personal next step. I don’t produce clones . The push is for you to find your voice, not copy others. 

In Puerto Rico we will put your daily pictures up on the wall shot the day before. It creates an amazing buzz to work like this. Forces all of us to just kill it!!

My classes are never described as “easy”. I will push you to your limits…and hopefully beyond. While I am a dreamer and live in sort of a fantasy world (by all accounts), I am also very fortunately blessed with being a results oriented person as well. The two do not often go hand in hand. So the end result of your week of intense shooting – thinking – working – – playing will be an essay. The base of a pyramid from which you can grow. Part of our collective book to be made. 

I view my personal workshops as an investment for those whom I mentor.  I only do workshops when I am in the right mood and ready to put everything I have into it. I do not teach by rote. If I am myself not producing I cannot mentor others to do so. I work just as hard to make a workshop its own art object at the end as I do for anything else I take on.

You must please submit a portfolio of your work. Don’t try to show me everything you have done. 15 photographs that best describe who you are is what I want to see. I do not care about “professionalism”. I care about heart and intent and of course visual acuity.

This workshop is not for everyone. It is only for those who want to find a voice and become photographic authors. My goal would be to inspire you to publish a book, have exhibits, and perhaps commissions as well and our mission for the week will be to create a collective book. Each of you will get a copy. 

My former students have published books, had major exhibits, gotten commissions etc. Yet only you can make it happen. I just try to get you on the right lifetime road. The sweet beauty of adventure. A fire in the belly. 

For sure I can smell that this Puerto Rico workshop will be one of those to remember. 

-David Alan Harvey-

A few comments from previous workshop attendees: 

David is one of the most insightful & inspiring teachers I have ever had. He is demanding but cares immensely about the work of his pupils. Throughout the workshop he encouraged us to push ourselves. I achieved some of my best work in his class. - Sandra Cattaneo Adorno

“Take David's workshop if you want to stop taking tourist photos. You'll never approach photography the same way again”. - Roddy MacLeod
“A truly inspirational process from start to finish!” - Kevin J Mellis

"David, within what felt like an instant, honed in on the areas where I needed the most guidance. He helped me address and push through issues I was not even aware I had. His mentorship has changed not only my photography but how I view my work in the context of my life. I am forever grateful to him for all that I have learned, his time, energy, and the continued interest and support he shows in my work & my progress as a photographer. An opportunity to learn from him is priceless". - Lauren Koplowitz

PUERTO RICO. San Juan. 1995 .  © David Alan Harvey

PUERTO RICO. San Juan. 1995. © David Alan Harvey


David Alan Harvey, Magnum Photographer and founder of Burn Magazine is a highly sought after mentor and teacher. His workshops are philosophical explorations into the heart of your work and motivation. They are about your own personal growth. A champion of authorship and voice he seeks out your personal obstacles and gives you a good shove to move yourself beyond them, then greets you with a high five and a beer on the other side. As anyone who has taken one of David’s workshops will tell you, once you take a workshop with him, you are essentially his student for life. He sticks with those who want to move ahead with their work for book publishing, gallery shows, etc. If you do the work, he will be there to help you push it forward.


In his weeklong workshops you will be asked to shoot an essay of your own choosing. Each day you shoot, each morning there is a group review and critique session. At the end of the week his team produces a slideshow of the work created. So, in this short week you get the experience of being a working photographer, shooting, working with an editor and experiencing the pressure of a real deadline. Each workshop is different, but depending on the timing and location you may also enjoy guest teachers that include picture editors and curators, jam sessions with other iconic photographers and the occasional field trip to shoot alongside David.